Maxwell Research Services is a full-service information research firm which supports small to mid-size pharmas find and organize the medical information they need throughout their organizations.

Regina Maxwell, MLIS, Principal Information Scientist, has over 20 years experience in Knowledge Management. She helps clients to tame the chaos they begin to feel when nearing time for their regulatory filings; a time when they know they'll need quick and easy access to the relevant literature. She gives clients a competitive edge by organizing their existing literature, setting up monitoring for important new papers, and eliminating duplicate purchases. This saves clients time, frustration and money, and allows employees to focus on their real strengths. And Maxwell ensures that this is done in a copyright-compliant manner by providing systems that automatically check on copyright permissions and by educating employees about the basics of corporate copyright, thereby avoiding costly litigation.

After many years in Knowledge Management roles at Wyeth, AstraZeneca and ViroPharma, Regina founded Maxwell Research Services in 2010 to assist small, growing companies past the knowledge management hurdles that unnecessarily hinder their paths to approval, and successful post-marketing literature surveillance.


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Regina Maxwell is Principal of Maxwell Research Services, a full-service research firm specializing in research for small to mid-size pharmaceutical and biotech firms.