Keep it Legal

Copyright compliance is a complex topic that can be tough to tackle without expertise. But corporate copyright compliance is critical to respecting the rights of copyright owners and to avoiding costly litigation and embarrassment for the company.

You may be asking yourself:

  • What steps do we need to take to become copyright compliant?

  • How do I know what medical literature is permissible to share?

  • What about using images from documents we've purchased? Is this okay?

  • Can I share medical articles with consultants?

  • How do I get the whole company on board with copyright compliance?


Maxwell Research will:

  • Educate clients on steps to become copyright compliant

  • Facilitate the purchase of an annual Copyright License Agreement with the Copyright Clearance Center

  • Train employees on the basics of copyright and how to remain in compliance

  • Serve as a subject matter expert on copyright issues and how to obtain permission to use copyrighted material that’s not covered by the annual license

Copyright Compliance Services by Maxwell Research