Are you losing time searching for medical literature?

We are experts at medical literature research and delivering relevant, comprehensive, targeted results that provide you with all (and only) the information necessary to support the full drug life-cycle of your products. We organize your medical literature into a centralized, copyright-compliant repository (i.e. Virtual Library) which can be shared by the entire organization.


The first thing that people ask us when they call is, “How can you help us tame this chaos?”

They have made it all the way to phase IIb/III when the pressure increases to have full command of the relevant literature to support their NDA’s and other regulatory filings.

We offer three ways to calm your chaos:

  • Organize your literature into a centralized Virtual Library, easily-accessible by all employees, 24/7.

  • Outsource your medical literature research to professionals with a solid track record of delivering what you need

  • Understand the basics of copyright and how to remain compliant.

Knowledge Management Services by Maxwell Research

Knowledge Management

Organize Your Knowledge

Medical Literature Research Services


Stay Current and Competitive

Copyright Compliance for Pharmaceutical Companies and Medical Industry

Copyright Compliance

Train Your Workforce


Our analysts are expert at delivering comprehensive, relevant, targeted results, and organizing them for easy access.

Staying competitive demands better efficiencies using the strength of your workforce. We augment those strengths by supplying you with systematic organization of your knowledge as well as medical literature research services that keep you up-to-the-minute with scientific literature, clinical trials, and competitor intelligence.

Additionally we:

  • Perform due diligence on promising mechanisms of action

  • Identify new therapeutic targets for your compound

  • Inform your clinical strategy for drugs in development

  • Provide strong literature support for regulatory filings

  • Keep abreast of adverse events for you 

  • Create comprehensive, submission-ready literature search results in support of DSURs, PSURs, and Annual Reports

  • Stay on top of your competitors' publication strategies